What is club soda?

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Club soda is carbonated water and it is also sometimes called as fizzy water, sparkling water or seltzer water. Club soda or carbonated water is made from a mixture of plain water and carbon dioxide gas.

Practically all carbonated drinks are made from club soda including Italian sodas, a handful of bark drinks, water beverages with flavors and soft drinks, to name a few.

Club soda explained

It is common for many people to get confused over tonic and club soda. Tonic is also a carbonated mixer that is clear. It has however some quinine which is an ingredient used to give additional and more flavorful taste compared to the basic soda water. Tonic unlike club soda is sweet. But both have that fizzy mixtures that are clear and both are also always available in clubs or bars since they are mixed with a wide range of drinks.

Most clubs serve club soda with ice and a piece of lime in cases where club soda is not mixed with other drinks. Club soda at times is also added in soft drinks and juices to add bubbles to the said beverages.
It is common for people to order club soda to quench their thirst given that it is popular as a thirst quencher. Keep in mind that people often drink soft drinks hen they feel very thirsty.

Other uses of club soda

But club soda also has other uses aside from being beverages. Many people use club soda to remove stains.

Club soda is also used as a remedy for some ailments. Sometimes it is also used to stop or cure an upset stomach. Some people add bitters to the club stomach to relieve them of their upset stomach. Many people say that the mixture of club soda and bitters can help in irritated bowels that are often gassy. There are also individuals who use club soda mixed with bitters for their heartburn.

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