What is Cloud Computing?

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What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a significant step in the advancement of computer use and the internet. The idea goes back as far as 1960 when John McCarthy stated that there could come a time when computation would be provided similar to other public utilities like electricity. At the time he made this statement, there were very few who could relate to this kind of opinion. Today this prediction has come true and we have hosted services delivered over the internet.

Cloud computing has nothing to do with the real clouds, the term was adopted from the use of cloud symbols to represent the internet in diagrams and charts. It is about having infrastructure, software and platforms delivered to the end users via the internet. Computing resources are availed online where customers can get storage services, virtual servers, applications and so much more. This means that you do not need to hire a big team of IT personnel or spend huge amounts of money buying software and hardware for your business. Since you will be accessing services through the internet, cloud computing allows you access to resources regardless of your location. This is highly advantageous to those who are frequently traveling as they will continue to access services similar to what they would have while working from their office.

These services are delivered on demand with consumers paying for consumption per hour or minute. You also have a choice to use as much or as little of the service as you want. And finally the services are fully managed by the service provider. By looking at these three features, you realize that cloud computing has major economic advantages. Paying per minute or per hour means that you pay for exactly what you need and have used. The flexibility to consume as much or as little of a service translates to peace of mind since you are assured that the service will be available when you need it while avoiding idle resources when you do not need it. The best part is actually having the providers manage the service since that means you will not need to hire professionals to maintain and run the services which is sure to translate to huge savings.

Cloud computing services are either by public or private. Public cloud services are available to anyone through the internet. Private cloud services are however available to a specific group or network. There are however private cloud service providers that use resources from public clouds, this is referred to as a virtual private cloud service. Beyond accessibility there is no difference between a public and private cloud service as long as both ensure quality in the delivery of their services.

Cloud computing realizes that IT resources are now becoming necessities that require to be organized in a manner that allows greater access to more people while keeping costs down and maintaining the  highest possible standards. Computing is an important part of most economies and having this kind of technology means better economic prospects for people around the world.

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