What is Climax?

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What is Climax?
Climax refers to the strongest part of a particular situation or story. Like when one talk’s about a series of events unfolding, the climax is like the peak of all situations that had happened.

The word “climax” has Greek roots and its literal meaning is “ladder”. Climax is said to be the ladder’s last step, referring to the peak of activity or peak of excitement. Climax can be applied to various fields and situations, but usually implies some sort of high level of intensity or activity.

In short stories, climax is part of the plot where the writer organizes the events of a particular scenario or story. Usually short stories have a single plot and an introduction is laid down at the beginning. As the story unfolds, some conflicts and twists may arise to add complexity and to establish more of the plot. Then the story reaches some sort of turning point, wherein the particular conflict that occurred is about to be resolved. This is called the climax of the story, where the greatest intensity of events happens.

In plays or movies, climax also refers to the most critical part of situation defining the story line. In action thriller stories for example, climax may happen when a mystery is unfolded or when the truth is uncovered about a particular case. It defines the point where the conflict situation in a particular story will start to be resolved or not. In the medical field, climax may also mean the most severe stage of a particular disease. This is the part wherein a particular illness displays the worst of its signs and symptoms. In the sexual context, climax also refers to a peak of activity, like a peak in sexual activity or pleasure. In this sense, climax may also be called as orgasm, referring to the highest sensual feeling during sexual intercourse.

In general terms, the word climax is also used to define some sort of ending to a particular situation. Like when a problem is resolved, a story is said to have reached its climax.

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