What is Cleverbot?

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What is Cleverbot?
Cleverbot is a website featuring an artificial intelligence (AI) web application. Others may call the cleverbot as chatterbot. You may check it at http://www.cleverbot.com. It is capable of mimicking human discussions by conversing with actual humans online. The creation was from the clever mind of AI expert Rollo Carpenter. Another creation made by Carpenter was the Jabberwacky, which is a similar web application to cleverbot.

Traditional chatterbots use artificial intelligence, which are designed to respond directly to what you enter in the textbox. On the other hand, Cleverbot is different from the traditional chatterbots, in a way that the cleverbot is not directly responding to what is entered in the text box. The cleverbot uses a different algorithm where once the user enters a text the algorithm will pick from the earlier phrases entered in its database.

Cleverbot is designed to learn from its conversation with humans. However, the AI web application is learning from the most difficult communicators, which are the internet users. As of this day, cleverbot’s database of over 20 million online conversations continues to grow. At this stage, talking to cleverbot may make you feel like talking to child just learning how to converse. However, as cleverbot continues to learn, a day will come that it would become like a real companion.

In 2009, cleverbot won 2nd place in Leobner Prize for Chatterbots. On the other hand, its predecessor, Jabberwacky won first place in the years 2005 and 2006. Carpenter is still working on the development of virtual presences that are useful for the business sectors. Two of Carpenter’s companies are working on this development ‘“ Icogno and Existor.

Cleverbot has definitely made its big difference from its predecessor Jabberwacky. Cleverbot’s ability to learn how to converse is unlimited. It was designed so that it has no restriction on its learning ability and growth. As of this time, internet users may find it still in its infancy. This is what most internet users who had the chance to interact with cleverbot feel that the AI web application primitive.

If you happen to have a chance to talk with cleverbot, you will feel that it seems talking the combined community of the internet. You may feel horrified, funny, and at the same time boring. However, you will actually find it funny talking to cleverbot. Moreover, if you would have noticed, Carpenter placed a disclaimer on its website saying ‘USE AT YOUR OWN RISK’.  The thing is cleverbot is meant to learn from you and not the other way around so it is advised that internet users be patient enough and just try to have fun.

Chatterbots are fun and interesting to talk with. However, some users are not helping them to learn. Some internet users are impatient and just enter text that is not really getting the cleverbot to learn. Still, many users find the cleverbot entertaining. Many claim that after starting a conversation with cleverbot, they cannot seem to say goodbye to the chatterbox. Mostly, those who interacted with the cleverbot agreed on one thing, they enjoyed their conversation.

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