What is cisvc.exe?

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CISVC.exe is an executable file for Windows’ “Content Indexing Service”.  The main function of this file is to literally check on the indexing service that is done by the Windows operating system in the background.  Indexing services are regularly checked to ensure that the computer’s resources are not used up in terms of memory. When there are too many applications running in the computer for example, the indexing service will monitor this and provide prompts to close unnecessary applications.  Cisvc.exe also helps in terms of locating the necessary files needed by a particular application.  By means of indexing, it is able to check where to get the file and retrieve it for various processes.  With the computer’s resources being utilized in full, it may lead to crashing of applications and this where the indexing service provided by cisvc.exe is supposed to work.

The problem with cisvc.exe is that it may actually use up the computer’s resources while checking for other programs and other applications that use the available memory.  By doing so, running of the cisvc.exe in the background may actually defeat its purpose.  This is also the reason why some people complain about this executable file since it always comes up when trying to locate which programs or services are using up the majority of the computer’s resources.  Cisvc.exe may be very valuable in the sense that it helps easily locate various files and folders inside one’s computer but it sometimes become a headache since it may use too much memory by doing what it’s supposed to do.  When users encounter problems pointing to cisvc.exe, one may need to have this service terminated manually.  In some cases though, this particular file may be infected with a virus and so does not perform its usual function and instead sabotage the computer by eating up its available memory or resources.

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