What is Chron?

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What is Chron?
The term “chron” is short for “chronic”, a slang word or urban term referring to the drug called “marijuana”. “Chronic” or “marijuana’ is an illegal drug obtained from the Cannabis plant. In most countries, the culture, use, and usage of this drug are punishable by law. Other countries have exceptions for marijuana used for medicinal purposes. Marijuana is a psychoactive drug that causes a “psychological high” or hallucinations among users which make it highly addictive.

The medicinal use of marijuana is allowed in some countries. The psychogenic and physiological effects of marijuana may be used in patients that experience dizziness, vomiting, and/or nausea. Those with glaucoma may also benefit from this type of drug. Marijuana is also used as an analgesic for those experiencing pain. This drug is also used to stimulate hunger which is important for people who have AIDS. But since marijuana have stimulant and hallucinogenic effects, many people go to great lengths to get their hands on this type of drug by illegal means.

The term “chron” or “chronic” may mean differently for people that live on the East and West coasts of the US. In the East, “chron” or “chronic” is considered a type of marijuana that has some cocaine content. Cocaine is another illegal and highly-addictive drug that has psychogenic effects. In the West Coast, “chron” or “chronic” may refer to a fine-quality weed or cannabis plant. This cannabis variety is considered to produce a more long-term effect and is promoted as a more potent form of marijuana. Other people also use the term “chron” or “chronic” loosely to simply mean marijuana. Slang and alternative terms like “chron” are popular among drug users to mask out the original name of the drug. Transactions and conversations involving illegal drugs and substances are kept in “secret” or “discreet” mode to keep authorities at bay.

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