What is CHFA?

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CHFA stands for Canadian Health Food Association and it refers to a trade group in Canada composed of various manufacturers, importers, retailers, growers, and distributors of health and organic products. The members of the CHFA total to more than 1000 businesses that are based in Canada and are dedicated to the production, sale, and/or distribution of natural health and organic products. The CHFA is considered the largest trade association in Canada in terms of businesses that are related to the natural and organic product industries.

The basic function of the CHFA is to represent each member business or entity in terms of seeking government regulatory approval for the legal release or promotion of their health or organic products. Before a certain health or organic product is given approval by the government for its sale or release, it has to go through a long process of review, deliberation, and eventual approval. Through the CHFA, products from member businesses will be assisted in seeking such regulatory approval. With support from the CHFA, member businesses will be able to become successful in terms of promoting and selling their products which are all labelled as healthy or organic. These products have been studied and tested to have various benefits to all consumers and it is the CHFA’s role to promote these benefits with the end-goal of having the products reach the consumers. The Canadian Health Food Association is also the main organization that helps its members promote the growth and development of the whole natural health and organic products industry.

Aside from helping businesses seek regulatory approval for their various products, the CHFA also holds trade shows and conferences to promote health and organic products to the public. Through these activities, essential health information about member products are able to reach target consumers. The CHFA also helps facilitate the issuance of International Trade Certificates to its members who distribute their products on a global scale.

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