What is Cheese?

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Cheese refers to a type of food which is produced through the coagulation of casein– a milk protein. This food item is rich in proteins and fat, and may come in different textures and flavors. The milk that is used for cheese are obtained from cows, goats, and sheep. The production of cheese involves the acidifying of milk and incorporation of rennet, which is a type of enzyme used to facilitate coagulation. The solids that were formed during this process are then separated from the liquid component, and molded into the desired form.

Different countries produce hundreds of different kinds of cheese. The texture and taste of the cheese depend on several factors, such as the method of production, the bacteria type that aids the process, from what kind of animal is the milk used as main ingredient obtained, the butterfat content, as well as the aging process employed. In some cases, spices and herbs are also included in order to add flavor to the cheese. Some of the most common ingredients that are included are garlic, black peppers, and chives.

Sometimes, acids in the form of lemon juice are combined with milk, and the mixture is then curdled to produce cheese. However, the majority of cheese types are acidified with the aid of bacteria, which can convert sugars found in milk into lactic acid.

Aside from containing fats and proteins, this type of food item is also rich in phosphorous and calcium. Compared to milk, cheese has a relatively longer shelf life. However, the shelf life of cheese still depends on a number of factors, such as the type of cheese. In general, soft cheeses are easier to be contaminated and get spoiled compared to hard cheeses. Some examples of soft cheeses include goat’s cheese and Brie.

A person who is adept or an expert in selling cheese is referred to as a cheesemonger. In order to become qualified as a cheesemonger, an individual is required to go through several years of formal education and hands-on training involving the tasting of cheese.

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