What Is Charter School?

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What Is Charter School?
Charter schools are actually just like public schools for both elementary and secondary. However, the only difference is that they are allowed to receive donations from charity organizations and groups, and are free of charge. These donations are basically what keep this school alive. Since they are considered charter school, they are more or less free from the control and regulation of the state. They are autonomous and nature and can conduct school rules and policies on their own.

However, they are not in any way allowed to charge for tuition fees and other school fees to their students. Since they are funded by charity organizations, the money coming from the donations will be the only thing to sustain the life of the school.

From among the charter schools already formed, the ones that founded them are usually non- profit groups, individuals who wanted to put up a school, parents of interested students, education related advocacy organizations, and other entities. Yet, the state still has the control over the cash flow and other financial transactions made by the school.

This charter school started in the United State back in the early 1900’s. However, this system has already spread across the globe and is followed by countries such as Canada, England, Sweden, Denmark, and many others.

Looking back at history, many Americans were really against these charter schools. The system has received a lot of criticisms and negative reputations. However, as time went by, the system was polished and was gradually accepted by many already. This time around, charter schools are operating almost everywhere. However, they have to be monitored in order for them to continue its operations. There are state officials as well as other evaluating commissions who regularly check these schools in order to ensure that they still provide quality education and that they are worth it.

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