What is cfparam?

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‘Cfparam’ is a programming tag used in ColdFusion, a Web development platform from Adobe Systems.  ‘CF’ stands for ‘ColdFusion,’ and ‘param’ is short for ‘parameter.’  As a programming tag, cfparam basically searches if a variable or parameter exists.  Once a parameter is found, cfparam will then try to validate it and try to retrieve its value.  Whenever cfparam cannot identify the value, or if the variable has no value, it may give the option to provide one.

The syntax used for CFparam includes the name or parameter name, default value, maximum and minimum values, the pattern and type.  All of these are required in order for the tag to perform its task.  In the case of ColdFusion, its basic function is to try to connect pages written in HTML to a database.  In this way, data and variables that are available on every Webpage, for example, may be stored systematically and become useful information.

For program developers using ColdFusion, cfparam is helpful in various ways.  Searching for variables is one thing, and getting the type of variable or parameter is another.  Using the “name” and “type” attributes, cfparam will search for the specified type of variable under the specific name.  Through the cfparam tag, data may be sourced out from various HTML-written pages.  Instead of just having to browse through a formatted display of information on a Webpage, using the tag ‘cfparam’ in ColdFusion will help connect and retrieve HTML data from databases.

Aside from database management through cfparam, ColdFusion may also be used to convert HTML data or parameters into PDF or Flash Paper versions.  With its variable searching and validation properties, cfparam may also be useful in terms of scheduling tasks, clustering of servers, GUI administration, and file indexing among many other functions.  ColdFusion may also be used to generate programming codes and the client side.

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