What is CFED?

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CFED stands for Corporation for Enterprise Development, a non-profit organization based in the US. The basic goal of the organization is to help out low income or poor families get the opportunities they deserve in terms of financial stability, educational options, overall economic opportunities. Through various policies and its partnerships with local communities and organizations, CFED aims to help poor people reach their so-called “American Dream”.

The Corporation for Enterprise Development was founded back in 1979 with focus on microenterprise. Back then, the organization helped poor or low income families in terms of getting the skills and information needed to be able to easily put up their own businesses and become independent entrepreneurs. By way of advocating policies that help their target people reach their best economic potential, CFED was able to increase financial stability for some poor families. Today, CFED has expanded to promote various strategies that can help people have an easier time in terms of paying for educational expenses and starting and maintaining their own savings fund. For CHED, their main belief is focused on giving people the opportunities in order to gain financial freedom. with this kind of freedom, more poor people will then gain access to bigger opportunities economically.

The people behind CFED are able to promote and/or implement their policies and strategies through a comprehensive database involving people’s financial security concerns. All these data are carefully analyzed to specifically target a family’s need in order to gain economic freedom and success. All their strategies are also tested out with their local or community partners in order to streamline the process of getting more economic stability and opportunities. All these opportunities start with the various activities and programs sanctioned by CFED. These programs include conferences and training courses on financial matters and entrepreneurial topics. CFED also releases several newsletters and other forms of documentation for all their programs.

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