What is CFD?

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What is CFD?
CFD is the acronym for computational fluid dynamics, a division of fluid mechanics that uses cutting edge computer technology to represent fluid flowing in a controlled environment and to use this as a means to solve and analyze problems involved in this setup. Fluids can mean gas or liquid or a combination of both.

This CFD simulation can be used in a lot of practical applications, to test physical design and performance. The outcome from the practical CFD testing can yield results that can help achieve optimal performance. In addition to experiments and theoretical methods, CFD is one of the tools that is employed to best solve fluid dynamic problems.

CFD is used in many fields, most obvious of which is in the field of aeronautics, aerospace engineering and aviation where CFD is used to analyze how aircrafts will react to different environments. Other fields which use CFD include physics, chemistry, meteorology and geology.

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