What is CFC?

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What is CFC?

CFC is short for chlorofluorocarbons and they refer to a compound that is composed of three chemicals namely chlorine, carbon, and fluorine.  CFC is a chemical compound that is considered man-made and dangerous to the environment.  As a chemical compound, CFCs are known to be colorless and have a sweet odor.

CFC was produced and discovered back in the 1890s but only became popular in the early 1900s.  In the past, this particular compound can commonly be found in various household items such as cleaning products and items produced for fire prevention.  Aside from fire retardants, CFCs are also commonly used in the manufacture of various items like air-conditioning units, spray cans, and even military planes.

But despite its various uses in many items and industries, chlorofluorocarbons are considered hazardous to the environment.  Specifically, CFCs are blamed for the thinning of the ozone layer in the earth’s atmosphere which has a negative impact to the world’s climate.  The thinning of the ozone layer itself contributes to more ultraviolet rays from the sun entering the earth’s atmosphere which eventually results to warmer temperatures.  CFCs are also considered massive absorbers of heat in the environment which further increases the atmospheric temperature.  And when talking about the weather and climate, increased temperature will result to more violent storms and floods.

Because of CFC’s hazardous effect to the environment, many countries have banned the use of this compound.  Many industrialized nations also vowed to cut their usage of this compound to literally help save the planet.  Today, the use of CFC’s is strictly regulated in many countries around the world.  Large scale production of this compound is strictly monitored in many countries, with various facilities starting to use alternatives and replacements.  This is especially applicable to the industries involved in the manufacture of medicinal aerosols, refrigerators, air conditioners, cleaning agents, and solvents among many others.

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