What is cetearyl alcohol?

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Cetearyl alcohol is a type of alcohol that is part of the fatty alcohol group commonly used as thickening or emulsifying agents in many household and cosmetic products.  It is formed by combining cetyl alcohol and stearyl alcohol which are considered very useful in terms of substance absorption and texture which are very important properties in making various products including lotions, shampoos, skin creams, and make up among many others.  Cetearyl alcohol is said to be very versatile in the sense that it can be formulated with different proportions of its main components in order to get the right amount of moisture, consistency, and texture.

When using shampoos, hair creams or nutrient oils, people may usually find cetearyl alcohol and other similar substances as part of the ingredients.  This type of alcohol is mainly used to help thicken or emulsify the liquid and solid mixture that is needed to produce these products.  Both cetyl alcohol and stearyl alcohol are said to have the versatile property of attracting or repelling water.  With the right balance, a shampoo or hair cream for example may be formulated to help people with very dry hair.  The cetearyl alcohol content of a branded shampoo will be the active ingredient in terms of providing moisture to the hair by helping the shampoo get the right consistency to hold its various nutrients.

In the same way that cetearyl alcohol provides moisture to hair, it is also used in various skin products to provide moisture to the skin.  Many skin creams and lotions contain this particular type of alcohol to help the skin retain its natural moisture and keep it from becoming dry and scaly.  There are also various skin products that are designed to keep the skin from getting too wet but make it healthy and dry.  Through the cetyl alcohol and stearyl alcohol content of cetearyl-based products, people can basically expect improved skin moisturization and overall health.

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