What is Cetaphil?

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What is Cetaphil?

Cetaphil is a popular brand of skin care products that is known to be very gentle on the skin. Its line of products includes soaps, cleansing solutions, lotions, creams, and skin moisturizers. Cetaphil products are manufactured by Galderma Laboratories which is based in Switzerland. Aside from its wide distribution in Switzerland, Cetaphil skin care products are also sold in grocery and drug stores in many other countries including the US, the Philippines, India, Australia, Canada, and many others in Europe and South America.

Cetaphil skin care products are promoted as alternatives to other products that supposedly contain very harsh chemicals that may cause damage to the skin. Instead, Cetaphil has been known to be very mild and gentle which is just perfect for everyday use. Its products are so mild that skin irritations don’t occur.

Because of its mild and gentle formula, many mothers use Cetaphil products for babies. Regardless of skin-type, all Cetaphil products are considered safe to use. As many mothers would agree, the various skin care products under the Cetaphil brand are gentle enough for use in the delicate skin of babies. Another good thing about Cetaphil products is that most of them are unscented and so does not contain unnecessary harmful ingredients. Cetaphil products are also known to work with the natural oils of the skin leaving them intact for natural skin cleansing.

With the gentle and non-harsh formula of Cetaphil products, practically any person can use them. Those with oily skin, dry skin, or normal skin will benefit from Cetaphil’s gentle cleansing and moisturizing properties. Many people also claim that using Cetaphil products also prevents the formation of pimples even if the ingredients are mild. Perhaps the only persons that will not benefit from Cetaphil products are those that have allergies to coconut. The hydrating alcohol in most of Cetaphil products contain coconut oil and so are not suggested for use by those with allergic reactions to coconut.

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