What is Ceftin?

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What is Ceftin?
Ceftin is a brand of antibiotic or anti-bacterial drug with the generic name of “cefuroxime axetil”. This drug is considered part of the drug-group called “cephalosporins” and work to fight off bacteria in the body. Ceftin is specially formulated to kill certain types of bacteria and so this drug is not effective on other infections that are caused by viruses. Ceftin may be the antibiotic of choice for a variety of common bacterial infections including those that lead to serious medical conditions. Common conditions that may be treated by Ceftin include sinus infections, ear infections, urinary tract infections, bronchitis, tonsillitis, gonorrhea, and impetigo among various others.

Ceftin is available in tablet and oral suspension form. It is important to note that dosage and frequency of taking this medication should strictly be followed. It is also important to report to attending physicians on existing allergic reactions to cefuroxime or other drugs. Ceftin is also known to thwart the effects of birth control pills and so those who are under a birth control program must coordinate with their doctors for alternative medications.

As with other drugs, patients on Ceftin medication may also experience some side effects. One common effect of antibiotics is diarrhea. In this case, patients need to monitor their hydration levels. Some people also feel body pains and flu-like symptoms including fever and shivering. Ceftin treatment may also cause seizures, blood or discoloration of the urine, pale skin, and unusual bleeding. When any of these side effects occur, patients are advised to seek immediate medical attention. It is also important for patients under Ceftin medication not to engage in activities that require full focus and concentration. Activities such as driving and operating machinery should be avoided as this drug may induce drowsiness and/or sleepiness. Alcohol should also not be taken when under Ceftin treatment as it may enhance the drug’s sedative effects.

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