What is CDC?

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CDC refers to Center for Disease Control and Prevention, a federal agency in the US that is tasked to promote public health and safety across the US. The CDC functions under the US Department of Health and Human Services but works in coordination with federal, national, state, and local agencies in its goal to protect Americans from possible health and/or security threats. The main goal of CDC is to apply disease control across the US and prevention of health issues and concerns.

Part of the CDC’s function is to coordinate with various local and state authorities in the prevention and control of disease. Whenever there is a health alert in a particular region for example, the CDC is tasked to support the affected locality or state in terms of disease management and/or control. If there are disease outbreaks for example, it is the CDC’s duty to help control and spread the outbreak by working directly with local and/or state health departments. Health policies and guidelines that are implemented across the US are also administered by the CDC. It is also the CDC’s task to improve, enhance, and strengthen surveillance for possible health alerts and disease outbreaks. Whether the disease is established to have started within US territory or even outside, the CDC will act to stop the disease and support all communities involved. As a federal agency, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention also aims to decrease the leading causes of death across the US and maintains a database of various health-related statistics.

The CDC is also the main agency that helps promote workplace and environmental safety. This particular task is especially aimed at preventing possible health concerns in the working environment. Through various guidelines, health hazards in workplaces across the US are eliminated and therefore preventing possible disease or health concerns. With the increasing impact of technology on health concerns, the CDC has also invested in various projects relating to information technology. Through technology, various functions and services of the CDC are improved especially in the areas of disease surveillance and sharing of public health records.

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