What is CDate?

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What is CDate?

‘CDate’ refers to a programming function or syntax that is used in various applications like Microsoft Access and in Visual Basic Scripting.  In both applications, CDate basically transforms a particular value to a valid date entry.  This particular function will only work, though, if the syntax is correct and the involved expression is deemed as valid.

In the case of Microsoft Access, CDate can easily be added with an expression to command this particular program that the indicated expression will be converted to a date value.  Standard syntax will include the ‘CDate’ command, and this is followed by the expression that is enclosed in parentheses.  Microsoft Access is part of Microsoft’s Office Suite, and this application or program is classified as a database management software.  One great feature about this software is that information stored in it will be saved using its own database engine.  And this data can easily be linked with other forms of data from other database sources or applications.

When it comes to Visual Basic Scripting, or VBScript, CDate also performs a similar function to that of the Microsoft Access platform. When composing syntax through VBScript, CDate is used for conversion of date and time expressions into valid type date.  This particular syntax will then provide or return the expected results.  Standard syntax starts with the command ‘Cdate,’ and this is followed by the ‘date’ value that is enclosed in parentheses.  VBScript is developed with Visual Basic as the main model but is converted to a lighter form of scripting language.  As with the database management system, Microsoft Access, VBScript is part of the Microsoft family of software and applications.  It also comes as part of the Windows operating system package starting with the Windows 98 release up to the present versions.  It is also widely used because of its ease of use and light scripting features in the Microsoft environment.

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