What is Ccleaner?

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A CCleaner, also referred to as a Crap Cleaner is a tiny and effective function that cleans clutter in computers operating on the Microsoft Windows platform. Some of the clutter that a CCleaner removes includes broken shortcuts and temporary files that pile up with time. When cleaning your temporary files and browsing history, a CCleaner guards your privacy thereby reducing your vulnerability to identity theft. A CCleaner enables you to increase your hard disk storage capacity by removing unwanted files from different programs, and unwanted Windows registry entries. It also helps in uninstalling software and selecting programs that you want to start with Windows.

CCleaner’s Capabilities

There are several functions that a CCleaner is designed to perform. A CCleaner provides protection for your browsing privacy in public or shared computers by removing passwords and any other internet files stored on a temporary basis. It also protects the privacy of numerous applications by getting rid information regarding folders or files accessed through those applications. A CCleaner wipes the freed disk space to get rid of traces of deleted documents. It helps speed up your computer’s boot time and reduces memory load time by allowing you to choose programs that load with Windows. It also helps in managing cookies that are used by websites to track visits.

What CCleaner Does Not Do

Though a CCleaner is a utility tool that is designed to enhance your computers safety and speed, there are several functions that it cannot perform.  A CCleaner does not detect or eliminate malware, spyware or computer viruses. One needs to get an antivirus to remove virus and antispyware functions to get rid of spyware or malware. A CCleaner is not fitted with defragmenting capabilities and therefore does not defragment your computer’s hard drive. It also does not recover any corrupted or deleted files.

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