What is CCC certification?

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The CCC, or China Compulsory Certificate, refers to a required safety certification on various products that are either imported to China or local goods that are being sold inside China.  For manufacturers that wish to do business and sell their products in China, their products must secure the so-called CCC certification.  This particular product safety certification was first given back in 2002 and continues to today.  It covers all products manufactured within China and other products that are made elsewhere but are sold or used inside China.  When a product does not have CCC certification, it cannot be legally sold or used in China.

Products that are required to get their China Compulsory Certificates vary widely from toys, electronic wires and cables, telecom equipment, mobile gadgets, medical equipment, audio-visual merchandise, vehicles, appliances, and machines among many others.  Even those that are made in the various parts of China are required to have CCC certification.  The basic purpose of the certification is to ensure that the products to be sold to the mass market are able to pass strict safety regulations regardless of where they are made.  In the case of product importers to China, the failure to get a CCC for their products may mean that their products are either held at the port or returned to their original location.  There are also instances wherein product manufacturers that fail to follow guidelines relating to the CCC may face hefty fines or be prosecuted in court.  With CCC certification for products, customs servicing will have no concerns for both the authorities and importers.

China Compulsory Certificates are given by the CNCA, or the Certification and Accreditation Administration, and the process of getting such certifications may actually take as long as four to eight months.  After the application’s submission, the products to be certified will be tested and evaluated before they are given the product safety stamp or the CCC.

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