What is Catfish About?

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What is Catfish About?

‘Catfish’ is a movie filmed in the documentary style, although there has been dispute over whether the film is really a documentary, or a fiction movie posing as a documentary (such as ‘The Blair Witch Project’). The film revolves around social networking and the consequences it poses when it merges with real life.
The movie revolves around Nev Schulman, a photographer from New York. The story begins when an 8-year old child named Abby contacts him via MySpace for permission to use one of the photographs he has taken, as a basis for one of her paintings. Nev and Abby develop a friendship online which then evolved to include her family, and most importantly Megan, Abby’s half-sister. Nev falls for Megan, and they get involved in a long-distance, cyber relationship over the Internet with the help of Facebook.
Nev’s brother Ariel and a friend Henry Joost filmed the experience Nev was going through, all the way to the point where Nev and Megan were supposed to meet in person. The movie shows the development of the relationship between Nev and Megan, to the unraveling of lies and deception, ultimately leading to a shocking end.
Catfish was an entry to the 2010 Sundance Film Festival and has since gained considerable interest.

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