What is cat scratch fever?

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Cat scratch fever is the infection brought by the Bartonella henselae, a bacteria which some cats carry. It is estimated that some 40 percent of cats have the Bartonella henselae that is carried in the cat’s saliva.

Cats that have the Bartonella henselae do not suffer from any illness brought by the bacteria. But persons who have contact with these cats may get the cat scratch fever after they were bitten or scratched by the cats.

Some reports also indicate that cat scratch fever can also be picked-up by close contact with the cat since the Bartonella henselae may be found at the cat’s fur. As such, some people end up contracting the car scratch fever after petting the cat and scratching or rubbing their eyes.

Car scratch fever symptoms

Car scratch fever is not considered as a serious or fatal disease. An individual who suffers from this illness may develop a lump at the area where the cat bit or scratched within the next 10 days.

Those who are already suffering from the car scratch fever may experience chills and fever, vomiting and nausea as well as fatigue and inflammation and soreness in their lymph nodes.

It is likely that the person may have more nodules at the area where the cat bit or scratched when the disease advances.

Treatments of car scratch fever

Car scratch fever is a self-limiting disease and as such, those who suffer from may not require any treatment.

In some cases, the lymph nodes remain inflamed for quite some time, and then the patient must go see a doctor. The doctor will likely give an anti-biotic to treat the fever.

Car scratch fever may cause harm to those who are already suffering from low or damaged immune systems such as patients with the HIV disease or those who are undergoing chemotherapy.

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