What Is Castile Soap?

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What Is Castile Soap?
If you are not yet familiar of the term Castile soap, well, you are more or less centuries late. This soap was invented in the 1600’s. This is practically made out of olive oil and some other ingredients. Back then, it became so popular due to the availability of the materials used for making it as well as its ease of use. More than that, it has also been found to be very effective, and so many people trusted it.

Just like any other soap, in making the Castile soap, lye is also used and the process of boiling is also the main step. However, due to the addition of the brine to the boiled liquor (which is one of the key ingredients); the soap actually starts to form and float. This leaves all the impurities behind. Thus, you now have a clean and safe to use soap. And yes, you can actually prepare one from your home. In fact, there were already a lot of changes introduced recently.

Due to some innovations and creative minds, olive oil (though enough already), is no longer the only thing added to the soap. There are a lot of scents and fragrances made available and are used by the makers of this Castile soap. It also comes in different shapes, styles, and colors. Due to the inclusion of different scents and ingredients, you can now see a Castile soap in different forms.

The consistency of the ingredients can also be varied depending on the goal of the maker. There can be more of the added scent if you want it stronger. You can also put on more olive oil if you simply want to stick to the basic Castile soap thing. Anyway, this soap has already gone a lot of changes. Yet, it still is one of the most famous soaps these days.

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