What is Canning Salt?

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What is Canning Salt?
Canning salt is a type of salt that is specially used for canning purposes. This salt variety is commonly used in canning pickles which is why canning salt is often referred to as pickling salt. Canning salt differs from the generic table salt that people know in the sense that this variety contains no iodine and no additives that prevent caking. These properties make this salt variety ideal for canning pickles. When pickles or other vegetables are canned, salt is added to the liquid to preserve them. But if iodine is present in the salt, the color of the pickles and other vegetables will become darker and may not be as appealing when compared to fresh produce. This is the main reason why canning salt is used for these products. Another reason is that canning salt will not make the liquid in the can have a cloudy color. It will remain clear to make the product look appealing and still fresh. Otherwise, if ordinary table salt were used, then the liquid will be discolored along with the darkening of the pickles and/or other vegetable.

As seasoning or as a preservative, canning salt may be used in place for the ordinary table salt. Many supermarkets nowadays now have available supplies for canning including canning or pickling salts. But if the purpose of the salt is purely for canning, the ordinary table salt may not be used. Another salt variety called kosher salt is used as an alternative to canning salts if the latter is not available. Similar to canning salts, kosher salts also do not contain any iodine. Some kosher salts may have some anti-caking additives though but these usually do not make the pickling liquids cloudy. Kosher salts are also much coarser than canning salts which may have some effect in measuring the quantity needed for some mixture.

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