What is CAM?

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CAM is an abbreviation for Computer Aided Manufacturing, an application that utilizes computer hardware and software to automate and enable the process of manufacturing. CAM technology came to replace computer aided engineering – CAE and it is commonly used along with the computer aided design –CAD. CAM helps in reducing energy and wastage leading to enhanced, efficient production and manufacturing through improved production speeds, consistent raw materials and precise, more accurate tooling. It makes use of computer driven production processes that bring make it possible to automate management processes, track materials, plan and transport. Using CAM, it is possible to execute high productivity tools such as simulations and optimization so as to maximize professional skills.

Challenges posed by CAM

CAM technology can prove inadequate in certain areas. This however depends on the nature of enterprise solution as well as the manufacturer. Some of the inadequacies posed by CAM arise in areas that relate to complexity of its application and the manufacturing process. CAM inadequacies may also occur in areas that involve managing the lifecycle of a product as well as integration of a modern enterprise. In some cases, a user may experience challenges when automating a machine process. However the latest versions of CAM solutions range from distinct systems to highly complex multi-CAD solutions that are integrated with 3D. New CAD versions also include robotics, real time controls and tend to be scalable. In most cases, CAM is connected to CAD to enhance and streamline efficient design, superior automation of machine and manufacturing. With CAM, production can be done on large scale and consistent results realized. It also ensures high levels of accuracy as production is rolled out in large scale. It also makes production of products in low volumes run fast. However, acquisition of the CAM software can be very costly and staffs require training on usage of machinery and software.

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