What is Caesar’s opinion of Cassius?

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Caesar or Julius Caesar is the central character of one of Shakespeare’s famous plays. In this particular tragedy, the character of Ceasar is presented as an evil dictator and head of Rome. Being the most powerful person in Rome during his time, many of the people around Ceasar plotted or conspired against him in order to stop his direct control and power over Rome. One of these conspirators is a man named Cassius and based on the play, Julius Ceasar himself thinks of Cassius as somebody who is dangerous or cannot be trusted. Rightfully so, Cassius conspired with other people and succeeded in assassinating Ceasar and eventually removed him from his post as the most powerful man or ruler and dictator of Rome.

The character of Cassius was portrayed in the play as somebody who was very jealous of Caesar’s power over the people of Rome. To other characters in the tragedy by Shakespeare, Cassius was seen as somebody who is very envious and thinks too much about Caesar’s supposed supreme image in Rome. With so much envy towards Rome’s powerful dictator, Cassius was also seen as somebody who had constant inner struggles and somebody who was not satisfied with his own position in the society. Many other characters see him as very hungry of power and influence over other people. In the eyes of Julius Caesar himself, Cassius is seen as a very dangerous man because of his knowledge about things and his thoughts. In one particular scene, Ceasar himself even mentioned that Cassius had the tendency to overthink concerns or situations and this characteristic makes him very worried.

Cassius abilities and knowledge eventually led to the recruitment of other people like Brutus in the conspiracy against Rome’s ruler and dictator. His skills and so-called expertise helped mapped out the plan to kill Caesar and the aftermath in terms of taking over Rome. Although Caesar was eventually killed, Cassius was forced to flee Rome and kill himself later in the play. This eventually led to the character of Antoni to take over Rome after Ceasar.

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