What is CAD?

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CAD or Computer-Aided Design refers to computer software that helps people create and/or manipulate designs for various purposes. For a person who wishes to design an electronic system for example, he/she can use computer software that features CAD for this particular purpose. The same type of software may also be used for architects who need assistance in drafting designs for houses and buildings.

In the case of architects, CAD or Computer-Aided Design helps improve their designs and productivity. Through the aid of computers, drawings and drafts are easier to make with so much detail including the materials to be used, appropriate sizes and dimensions, and even the material tolerance. All these details can be embedded in a building design or layout through Computer-Aided Design or Drafting. Another great thing about using CAD is that it allows saving existing work into electronic files which can be used and edited for later use or for another purpose. Through CAD, designers and architects can manipulate and improve their designs depending on what are desired.

CAD is also an important tool in various other industries including automotive design, aerospace systems, and even in rehabilitative medicine. In the latter field, Computer-Aided design is very helpful in the creation of prosthetics which are customized to the capabilities and needs of patients. In this particular field the design elements are different for a normal individual versus a person who is engaged in sports. The specifications for the prosthetic design can only be achieved more efficiently with CAD. In the automotive industry, new cars concepts and prototypes are also created and aided by CAD and similar computer systems. Through CAD, existing car models can be modified and updated in terms of design and external features. It is also through CAD that CAR engineers can create new concepts and improve on existing car features for better car design and overall performance.

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