What Is BYU?

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What Is BYU?
BYU is a very popular university located in Provo, Utah. BYU stands for Brigham Young University and is founded by the LDS or the Mormon Church. This school is popular foe being America’s largest university with religious affiliation as well as 4th among the largest private universities all over America.

Since this is a school founded by the Mormons church, 98% of the student population is Mormons. Most of them are residents of Utah or nearby states. Since this is a religious institution, students are expected to abide by certain honor code and behavior that are of accordance to their faith. This includes honesty when it comes to their academics, dress code, grooming, premarital sex, alcohol intake and many others. They have strict policies and regulations in regards to these controversial issues.

Most of the students studying in BYU also take a two year leave in order to become missionaries for the church. The male students are usually the ones becoming missionaries, though there are also a few women. This institution is popular not just because of its religious inclination, but because of low tuition fees. This means that 70% of the tuition is funded by the church tithes. Since Mormons are required to pay for tithes as a contribution to the church, the church gives it back to them by means of education.

There are different programs offered in BYU. This includes engineering, management, education, law, liberal arts, and many others. The entire university is divided into 11 colleges and schools. They also have satellite schools in different states such as Idaho and Utah. Though it is primarily dedicated for undergraduate programs, it also has Master’s degree offering as well as doctorate degree courses.

Through the years, BYU has grown to be one of the largest and most successful private universities all over the United States.

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