What is Bytemobile?

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What is Bytemobile?

‘Bytemobile’ refers to the software that is famous for mobile video optimization and data services.  As a company, Bytemobile is now under Citrix Systems, Inc.  The company Bytemobile was founded in the year 2000, and since then it has become the market leader when it comes to mobile video optimization services.

For many end-users, Bytemobile may be encountered when trying to play a certain video, for example.  Before playback, one may be given options on what quality of video a person would like to view. The choices of video quality may also be given details on the exact times of downloading it over a particular mobile device. Using these options, people will basically find it faster and more efficient when it comes to video or data retrieval. And what works behind these choices is Bytemobile.  Without a Bytemobile product installed in one’s computer, there will be no choices in terms of video quality, but instead users will have the default setting, and this may not be the most ideal for the user’s computer hardware and software setup.  Some people consider the Bytemobile program as not essential when it comes to running videos and various mobile data over the Internet.  But these same people can also attest to the fact that using Bytemobile products or software greatly enhances the whole experience of downloading and viewing videos faster and with optimum choices.

As the company has said, Bytemobile was created to specifically address the needs of its target customers.  And the basic need is to have better videos at faster and more efficient rates. This need has risen up in recent memory because of the ever-increasing popularity of video and other content in mobile devices and platforms. With Bytemobile, many people in the world are able to get video and other types of data at the best quality and speeds depending on what’s needed.

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