What is butterbeer?

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Butterbeer refers to a beverage that is popularized on several Harry Potter films.  In the film, this beverage supposedly tastes “less sickly” than standard butterscotch.  Various films in the Harry Potter franchise mention butterbeer and fans of the so-called wizardly world have craved for this drink in the real world.

To the delight of the fans, butterbeer has become a real beverage offered for sale at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida in the USA.  At the parks’ Wizarding World of Harry Potter, fans of the movie franchise can order their own sweet beverage called butterbeer.  For the benefit of every family member that goes to the theme park, butterbeer contains no alcohol and instead is made of a cream soda that has a butterscotch flavor to it.  It is much like root beer but with a different creamy flavor and added with froth on top.  For many people, butterbeer is a creamy version of rootbeer with added “float” or froth on the top.  For people who don’t prefer the frothy or frozen version, regular butterbeer is also served in the same theme park.  In terms of taste, both kids and adults have come to love this popular Harry Potter-inspired drink.  With its increasing popularity, many people have craved to make their own versions of butterbeer in their own homes.  Various so-called butterbeer recipes are available online for enjoyment at home.

Some fans of the Harry Potter films have also likened butterbeer to the popular frappuccino drink at Starbucks, a popular coffee shop with branches across the US and around the world.  People also promote the availability of Butterbeer Frappuccino in Starbucks’ supposedly secret menu. It is also suggested that the frappuccino is only the base of the butterbeer and people need to add some caramel and toffee nut syrup along with caramel drizzle to complete the whole flavor.

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