What is Business Casual?

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What is Business Casual?

Strict business attire with blazers and ties may not make too many people happy in the workplace.  For some people, thinking what to wear at work just adds a lot of stress to an already busy life.  And so the business casual attire was born.  In this way, one can wear comfortable clothes, and still project a professional look.

But not all casual clothing is suitable for the workplace.  Different companies may have different guidelines on proper attire in the office.  Generally, one has to make good judgment whether what one is wearing is proper and appropriate.  At times, it wouldn’t hurt if an employee inquires about what is deemed proper in his/her own office.

Business casual clothing, though comfortable, should still be well pressed and neat.  Items such as slacks for men and skirts at knee level for women are acceptable.  For the tops, blazers and decent jackets can be worn over blouses and polo shirts. Inappropriate are items like jeans, jogging pants, sweaters, t-shirts with loud prints, tank tops, blouses that show cleavage and bare the shoulders.

As for the shoes, basic walking shoes or leather shoes are the appropriate options for men.  Closed-toe or Closed-heel shoes are the general rule for women.  Wearing stockings for women is recommended but may be optional in warm weather conditions.  Slippers, open-toed, and sports shoes are not permitted in the workplace.

Accessories also make a big impact on the overall professional look.  So every employee must also keep in mind what and how much accessories can be worn at work.  Standard accessories for men include a neutral-colored watch, a ring, and a bracelet.  As for women, it is acceptable to have a few more accessories like color-appropriate scarves, conservative earrings and bracelets.  Makeup must also be neat and natural looking.  Flashy hues are usually unacceptable.

Above all, proper grooming is expected in every workplace.  It is just not enough to show up with appropriate clothing and footwear.  One must also make sure that he/she does not only look good, he/she must also smell and feel good.

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