What is Business Casual Attire?

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What is Business Casual Attire?
Business casual attire is the name given for a popular business dress code. It is also known as international standard business attire. At first this type of apparel was used only by managers. But now it is used by professionals also. However business casual attire must not be confused with uniform. Most of the companies insist on wearing a business casual dress.

Business casual attire imparts a professional as well as a tidy look to the person wearing them. Jeans are acceptable in some companies. The banking world do not use this business wear as they often go for formals. The guests who attend business functions are also asked to dress up in business casual wear. Necktie is not a necessity to this dress code. The clothing for men and women should follow a few rules. The clothes should not be to lose or tight. It should not have any holes or dangling threads. Business casual wear should reveal the stomach, cleavage or buttocks. The skirts should also have a minimum length. Undergarments should not be revealed. Cotton pants are acceptable but some companies do not permit the use of jeans. Women can use light weight jewellery. Over make up has to be avoided. Belts should be made of leather and no other material must be used. High heels are also not permitted for women. Khakis and wool can be used. Stripes are allowed in dresses but other trendy designs must not be used. In total the clothing must impart a professional look. Women are also free to use scarves.

The aim of introduction of business casual attire was to enable the employees to work in a relaxed environment and comfortable manner. Companies should give exact guidelines on what to wear or else the term business casual attire can lead to a total confusion.

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