What is Business Administration?

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Business Administration

Business Administration is a method of managing business or supervising any non-profit organization to sustain growth and stability. It basically involves all aspects in business such as managing operations, leadership, decision making, human resource, and accounting. It requires a great aptitude in math and communications to effectively carry out a certain task.

When it refers to studies, business administration is a broader scope of business and finance. It serves as the umbrella course for people who want to engage in business management and financing. It also includes directing activities related to personnel and MIS services. It has five elements which include planning, control, organizing, command, coordination, and control. A person who is a graduate in the field can have a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree. Under a typical BBA program, some subjects that may be taken and discussed are finance and economics, marketing, human resource, accounting, information systems, and law on business. Minor subjects, however may also include non-business related topics such as history, literature, and English as second language for exchange students.

A course on business administration is basically designed to train and expose students to different subjects in business and finance. It also aims to develop skills in decision making and leadership. Most BBA programs also incorporate trainings, practical experience, internships, case presentations, and industrial visit for a more quality learning environment.

Many universities across the globe offer a course on business administration. In fact, it is considered as one of the major courses with the largest number of enrollees. Business administration could be a great option for people who want to work in any firm or establishment that uses money as the main medium. Depending on the different policies of every university, the payment for a business administration course can be expensive.

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