What is Bumper to Bumper Warranty?

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What is Bumper to Bumper Warranty?
Bumper to bumper warranty refers to warranty coverage for a new car bought by a customer. From the term itself, “bumper to bumper” literally means that the specific car is covered with a certain warranty from the “front bumper” to the “back bumper”. Though this is not an absolute policy, this particularly warranty generally covers all major repairs and/or replacements to car parts for a specified period of time. This type of car warranty is considered the most comprehensive type of warranty and is commonly given out for buyers of new cars.

Warranty periods may vary depending on the seller and the car manufacturer. Most common warranty coverage involves a 36,000-mile limit or 3-year ownership limit whichever comes first. This simply means that the comprehensive warranty coverage will only take effect only up to the mileage limit or the year limit. After this period, any car part that needs to be repaired or replaced is shouldered by the car owner. But because of stiff competition in the automobile sales industry, bumper to bumper warranty may include coverage for up to 10 years depending on the dealer or car manufacturer. Some dealers also offer a lot of freebies along with the long-term warranty to entice new car buyers.

Though bumper to bumper warranty is comprehensive, it also has exclusions in its coverage. Common exclusions are tires, wiper blades, brake pads, some accessories, parts of the car’s exhaust system, hoses, light bulbs, belts, and rotors among others. Excluded parts may also differ from one car dealer to another. Other bumper to bumper warranty plans also specify proper maintenance to the car in terms of materials to be used. If non-standard or non-accredited materials or auto repair shops are involved, then the warranty may be void. Other warranty plans also require the car owners to have their cars serviced on specific repair shops to continue enjoying the benefits included in the warranty coverage.

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