What is Bullfighting?

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What is Bullfighting?
Bullfighting is Spain’s national sport. It dates back to 711 A.D. when the Spaniards were first amazed with this type of sport or spectacle. This sport basically involves the killing of bulls by bullfighters or matadors using swords. The matadors are also called toreros in Spain and the venue for this sport is usually at plazas called “plaza de toros”. This sport has been a tradition in Spain for centuries and continues to attract millions of viewers even up to today.

Bullfighting in Spain started as a sport only for aristocrats and royalty. The first bullfights were said to be done on horsebacks. But as the bullfights became more popular, King Felipe V banned aristocrats from taking part in the national sport and tradition and instead allowed the people or commoners to play the game. But since commoners do not have horses and could not even afford to buy one, bullfighting evolved into what people know today as the game involving toreros fighting on foot. Since then, the sport of bullfighting became very popular in Spain with many people wanting to become famous toreros and matadors.

Fans and supporters of bullfighting in Spain liken the sport to some kind of art form similar to painting and dancing with music. This is because they consider the techniques involved in the sport are similar to calculated dance moves with elements of precision and timing. But not all Spaniards agree to this concept and many also insist that the sport is a violation of animal rights and well-being. These animal-rights activists view bullfighting as some form of bloodsport since many bulls are injured and/or killed in the process.

But aside from Spain, there are also other countries that hold bullfighting events. Parts of Southern France also consider bullfighting a traditional sport and spectacle. Bullfighting is also popular in Spanish-speaking countries in Central and South America.

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