What is BTEC?

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BTEC stands for Business and Technology Education Council and it pertains to the organization that is authorized to award qualifications in various vocational courses offered by schools in the UK and in many countries around the world. The qualifications offered by this organization range from business courses, to sports science and engineering.

The concept of BTEC qualifications was started back in 1984. At present though, these so-called “BTECs” or qualifications are now under the authority of the Edexcel Exam Board. Once a person is BTEC-qualified, he/she is said to have better opportunities for work since the qualification award is recognized by numerous companies and organizations around the world. For most experts, the best thing about getting BTEC courses is that learning is gained through more practical means. Courses are geared towards work-related conditions making it easier for students in the transition from the school setup to the actual work setup. Another great thing about getting a BTEC course or qualification is that students will need to undergo practical exams to test their actual skills rather than the usual written exam.

There are a variety of BTEC courses that could suit an individual’s preferences. Those who want to be part of the healthcare industry may choose health and science-related courses. There are also courses for the tech-savvy and computer geeks in the form of computer science and information technology courses. Other courses under the BTEC qualification program include travel and tourism, flight operations, and even the performing arts. Introductory qualifications for BTEC are designed for those aged 14 and above. As the student grows older, he/she will have more options with the different BTEC qualification levels. There are also a couple of short courses offered for all BTEC levels and these are applicable to those who want to learn new work skills at a shorter period of time. Otherwise, standard BTEC courses can be completed in a span of 1 to 2 years.

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