What is BTA?

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BTA or basic travel allowance is some kind of a fee required from a person who wishes to travel to another country.  Some people refer to is as basic travellers’ fee or traveller’s allowance fee.  The term ‘BTA’ has become a buzzword in many countries around the world because many would-be travellers are said to be complaining about these fees. Experts in the travel and immigration industry have pointed out that collection of BTA is actually a scam that has its roots from Nigeria.  Many people have already complained regarding this supposed requirement before getting entry approval to another country.  As for the scammers, BTA or basic travel allowance is required for the applicant to be able to provide proof that he/she indeed is financially able to travel or support his/her activities while in another country.

Although there are certain fees that are required by most countries in terms of visa application or entry regulations from foreigners, basic travel allowance or BTA is usually not one of them.  Most fees collected are documentation fees and other related items.  Collecting BTA is seemingly inappropriate and this is why it raised a red flag among industry experts.  People are cautioned that whenever a travel agency or group of people require BTA to be paid, then one should always think first that it may be a scam.  Inquiries must also be made to the proper authorities instead of relying on the referral of mere strangers or acquaintances.  Many people would immediately suspect that collecting BTA is a scam because they are sometimes too expensive.  Some scammers are said to collect thousands of dollars for BTA and in the end their victims are not actually able to leave their home country for another one.  The saddest part is that most people that get victimized by this so-called BTA scam are those that are poor and put their hopes on migrating to other countries to work.

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