What is BSL?

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BSL refers to Breed-Specific Legislation involving laws concerning or targeting certain breed of dogs that are supposedly considered as dangerous to the community. Breed-specific legislations may come in the form of a total ban of certain breeds or in the form of restrictions. In a particular community or city where BSL is implemented, a specific breed of dog may be totally banned for its appearance, behavior, or reputation as dangerous or perilous to people. When this type of BSL is implemented, all indicated dog breeds are literally not allowed to roam the street of the involved community or city. As with any other laws, all citizens are expected to respect and follow them.

The Breed-Specific Legislation may also be in the form of specific restrictions to a particular dog breed. Owners of the restricted dogs for example may be required to have their dogs neutered if the BSL is in place or being implemented. Some BSL restrictions may be in the form of requiring owners to have their specific dog breads held by a strong leash at a specified length. Whenever dog owners of the affected breed goes to public places, he/she must follow the law involving the type and length of leash used for the dogs. Other BSL restrictions include the mandatory purchase of liability insurance or the posting of “vicious” or “dangerous” dog signs in specific places.

Many people and dog-owners do not agree or support Breed-Specific legislation because there is no supposed evidence that a single dog breed for example is more dangerous than the other breeds. For many of these people, any type of ban or restriction on certain breeds punishes all dogs belonging to a specific group and does not take into account the dogs’ individual behaviors. Many people consider certain Breed-Specific Legislation as unfair and overly restrictive to some dog breeds or types.

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