What is BSD UNIX?

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BSD Unix is a type of UNIX platform and operating software developed by BSD or the Berkeley Software Distribution. As a version of UNIX, BSD was distributed back in the late 1970s up to the mid 1990s by the Berkeley campus of the University of California through its CSR or Computer Systems Research Group. BSD Unix is considered one of the most important Unix-based developments in the US aside from the version of Bell Labs.

It was around 1975 when UNIX decided to release and license its own operating system. Various groups were given the source code of the platform with BSD being one of the most notable groups in the tech community. BSD Unix was said to be an experimental development of the UNIX platform with the project being supported by DARPA funds.  The development of BSD Unix was also specifically setup to help various educational institutions and this is the reason why various research facilities and schools prefer BSD Unix as compared to the preferences of commercial organizations.

Development and distribution of BSD Unix ended back in 1995 but newer versions and derivatives of the platform were created thereafter.  The codes of BSD Unix continue to become popular even after it ended the official development and distribution.  These codes are still being actively used by various individuals and organizations across the globe.  For UNIX experts, BSD Unix was considered and touted as some kind of an official branch of the Unix operating system because it shared the same initial code base as designed by AT&T.  BSD Unix’s popularity also extended to various UNIX proprietary versions and this is mainly due to the ease in licensing and simple codes which have become very familiar and easy in the Unix environment.  BSD UNIX 4.4 became the last developed version for this platform and many new variants of BSD were said to be based on this version.

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