What is BSD subsystem?

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The BSD subsystem or the Berkeley Software Distribution is a system variant of the UNIX platform. This particular platform is commonly integrated with other systems like those from Apple Inc. called the Mac OS X. Users of Apple iPhones and other mobile devices for example have frequently encountered regarding the required installation of the BSD subsystem on their devices in order for some applications to run effectively. For iPhones that have been jail-broken or tampered in terms of network carrier for example, the BSD subsystem is a required element for various applications and phone features to run correctly and smoothly. Without installing the BSD subsystem, users of the iPhone may not be able to maximize their phone features especially after jail-breaking them.

Through installation of the BSD subsystem, iPhone users will be able to communicate with their own operating system or the Mac OS x via the so-called command line. For the mobile technology experts, this feature of the BSD subsystem is very important in terms of running several applications on the mobile phone. Owners of the iPhone are known to download and use hundreds or thousands of new applications on their gadgets and devices and many of these features will not be able to run correctly and seamlessly if the BSD subsystem is not installed. Experts point out that simple file sharing through FTP or the File Transfer Protocol cannot be accomplished if the iPhone does not have the BSD subsystem installed on it. Devices that run on the Mac OS x will also have a hard time with their phone’s tethering features. Mobile internet or broadband services cannot be shared with other compatible devices if there is no BSD Subsystem installed.

Good thing for modern versions of the Mac OS X, the BSD subsystem comes pre-installed. In the case of jail-broken iPhones though, users need to have it installed before downloading or installing other applications and features on their devices.

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