What is BRW?

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What is BRW?

The term or acronym BRW has so many interpretations in the urban world.  The ever-growing popularity of internet chatting, mobile texting, and social networking has led to the creation of so-called new words or urban lingo.  One such lingo is BRW, which is pronounced as “brow”.  It is said that in the past, using BRW in conversations means that one is in agreement with somebody else.  Some people even point out that one has to say it out load after hearing a statement from a friend that one agrees to.  Like in the case of friends watching a football game for example, when one points out an error made by the referee and another person agrees to it, he/she may exclaim “BRW that is a bad call”.

BRW also means a different thing for other people.  Other internet chatters and social networking addicts use BRW as an expression or alternative to “raising an eyebrow”.  Using BRW may be done when one is excited or it may be used as an expression suggestive of being displeased or unhappy.  In the case of internet chat rooms and social media, one may use BRW in shoutouts and blog posts to indicate that one is in disagreement or not happy with something.  BRW in this context literally projects some form of dislike or disgust to something or someone much like “raising an eyebrow” literally.  Some people even use the expression “BRWBRW” to indicate utter disgust and disagreement to something.

The fast pace of the world of technology has led to the creation of urban language and terms like BRW.  And since not everybody may agree to the meaning of something, basically anybody can give meaning to an old expression or create new words for a more meaningful communication within one’s social network.  BRW is just one example of how words and terms evolve over time.

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