What is bruschetta?

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Bruschetta is a type of appetizer in traditional Italian cuisine. Grilled or toasted bread is traditionally topped with herbs and tomatoes. The bread is also often sprinkled with garlic and olive oil. For seasoning and additional flavor, salt and pepper may be added. Bruschetta is classified as an “antipasto” in Italian cuisine. Antipasto literally means “before meals” making bruschetta a standard appetizer. The standard preparation of bruschetta has evolved over the years. Many people now add different kinds of toppings like beans and cheese among many others. There are also bruschetta variations that include meat strips along with the tomato slices and chopped garlic.

Any bread may be used in making a bruschetta. Tuscan bread is one of the most popularly used as the main bruschetta ingredient. This bread is usually drizzled with olive oil and rubbed with garlic powder before being toasted or grilled. Salt and pepper may be sprinkled for additional flavoring. After this process, the standard toppings of tomato slice. Other vegetables and cheese are also common additional toppings for bruschetta. Bruschetta topped with nuts, beans, and bell peppers are also popular.

Traditional preparation of bruschetta was said to be practical way of salvaging bread items that are almost stale. Instead of having to throw bread away, toasting or grilling them was considered a more practical choice. By adding various vegetables and herbs, the traditional bruschetta recipe was created and over the years many people have added additional ingredients as topping for this popular appetizer. Variations of bruschetta also led to the creation of other similar bread-based appetizers like ventricina which contains salami as one of the toppings. Aside from being an appetizer, many people also eat bruschetta during snack time or in between meals. The best thing about bruschetta is that it can be prepared in only a few minutes.

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