What is broiling?

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Broiling refers to a cooking technique using direct heat. It is usually done in ovens using special pots and pans. For most people, the best thing about broiling is that it provides a similar smoky flavor to the food similar to outdoor grilling. With its similarities to grilling, some people refer to broiling and grilling as the same. Some so-called cooking experts even point out that broiling is indeed similar to grilling since it can be done using ovens or using outdoor grillers. The main part of the cooking involves a direct heat source provided by the broiling pan or griller for example. The smoke that results while the food is being cooked is also considered a main part of the broiling process.

What makes things even more confusing is that some people basically interchange broiling or grilling when talking about food and cooking. There are also some people who point out the major differences of broiling and grilling so that others may fully understand these two supposed different methods of cooking. Broiling for some is restricted to the indoors and that it involves the use of an oven to cook various food items. The heat source is typical indoor broiling is provided by either gas or electricity. In the case of grilling, most people see this technique as the outdoor version of broiling. For some people, grilling is strictly done outdoors using coal that will serve as the heat and smoke source. Both indoor broiling and outdoor grilling though will produce similar smoked effect on the food and it is for this reason that many people think of broiling as just the same with grilling.

With the use of ovens in broiling, there are also people who confuse it with roasting or even baking. The main feature of broiling versus these other cooking methods is that it requires significantly higher temperatures to cook the food and this will result to the classic grilled or smoked effect.

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