What is Broadband? – Popular Types

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What is Broadband? ‘“ Popular Types

Broadband is a shortened term for broadband internet connection. In the early introduction of the internet, connections were made possible using telephone lines and a modem. However, a modem provides slow connection and is limited to run only at 56kbps. Transferring large files over the internet using telephone lines would take a huge amount of time to finish.

To solve this slow connection problem, broadband internet connection was introduced. Broadband or ‘high-speed internet connection’ can run more than double the speed of the 56kbps modem. High-speed internet connection uses a wide band of frequencies to enable a large amount of data to be transferred. The concept of broadband can be compared to a highway. A highway with more lanes can accommodate more cars allowing more traffic to pass. However, a highway with just two-lane will only allow less traffic to pass.

Today, there are several types of broadband being offered by Internet Service Providers (ISPs). The difference is the speed it offers. There are faster and slower broadband internet connections. Pricing also varies. Determining the needs, budget and availability is vital to know the right type of broadband connection to use.

Digital Subscriber Line or DSL

DSL is a type of broadband internet connection that provides transmission of digital data using telephone networks. DLS usually provides 256kbps to 24 Mbps downstream data transfer. DSL uses higher frequency bands that are subsequently separated using filtering method. DSL has two popularly known types – asymmetric DSL (ADSL) and symmetric DSL (SDSL). ADSL and SDSL are differentiated on how digital data are transferred.

ADSL provides slower data upload but faster data download. ADSL is usually the type of DSL being marketed to residential customers. On the other hand, the difference of SDSL over ADSL is that the upload and download of data in SDSL have the same speed. SDSL are often marketed to most customers with business.


Cable broadband internet connection is more popular than DSL, especially in America. This high-speed internet connection uses the existing TV cable lines to transfer digital data to your computers. Like DSL, Cable broadband offers different connection speeds ranging from 2Mbps to more than 8Mbps of data transfer.

Wireless Broadband

If telephones can transfer voice over the air, so can broadband connection. Wireless broadband is becoming widespread and popular due to its convenience. You can access the internet anytime and anywhere without the cables. The first wireless connection was made available using the modem of cellular phones.

Today, wireless fidelity or Wi-Fi is getting more popular. You can now connect to the internet even without using your cellular phone’s modem. Your computer or laptop only needs to be equipped with a wireless LAN card and you are ready to go.


Satellite broadband is usually seen in rural areas where telephone lines and cable wires are hardly seen. The system uses a satellite dish and some hardware that will enable transfer of data to a satellite. This type of connection is much expensive due to the cost of the equipments. It offers speeds ranging from 128kbps to 2Mbps.

Leased Lines

Leased lines are not recommended for residential use due to its high cost. This type of broadband internet connection is typically used by large organizations. It is popularly used by universities and large colleges. Leased lines are also called T-1 connection, which uses large fiber optic cables.

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