What Is BPS?

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What Is BPS?
The BPS or the Board of Pharmacy Specialties has been giving certification maintenance and recertification over the past few years. Their goal is to provide certification to different pharmacists across different states.

BPS has been specializing different areas of pharmacy. This includes ambulatory care pharmacy, nuclear pharmacy, nutrition support pharmacy, oncology pharmacy, pharmacotherapy, psychiatric pharmacy and many more.

When you take a look at the BPS website, you will discover more about the requirements for taking the licensure exam. You will also find out more about how you can get a recertification. News and other updates about how you can take the exam and all other details are also presented in their website.

The best part of the BPS website is that you can also take a look at sample tests there. They can also provide a few questions that can serve as your reviewer. In short, you will be totally prepared in taking the exam once you have gotten more ideas from the BPS website.

BPS boasts of its independent, peer developed testing and certification. They have gained their positive reputation over the years and have continued to provide excellent examination and certification rules and guidelines.

For the 2011 examinations, BPS has also provided their sets of rule and guideline. You can also take a look at the fees and other testing payments online. Other pertinent details are also depicted in the site.

Through the years, BPS has already given license to hundreds and thousands of qualified pharmacists of different areas of specialization. They have also improved their system and have gained the support of many over the years. Rest assured, if you want to be a licensed pharmacist on your area of specialization, you can count on BPS to provide you with everything that you need. Again, when it comes to pharmacy licensure exams, BPS is the name to trust.

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