What is BPEL?

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What is BPEL?
BPEL or Business Process Execution Language is a language based on XML and is an open standard for making several business systems work together. Through “Web Services”, BPEL allows various systems to connect or communicate on a network. Like integrating different functions to a common process, BPEL helps in the conduction of business smoothly over the internet.

Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) was formed by various industry players like IBM, Microsoft, BEA, Avaya, Adobe, NEC, Novell, Oracle, HP and several others. Though IBM and Microsoft had already developed their own systems for web services, a need still arose in terms of business systems integration for an end-to-end process. It is for this reason that internet protocols and standards (HTTP, SMTP, etc’¦) were born. With these standards, it is now easier for a particularly company to use various applications and systems internally and with other partners outside of the network’s firewall. And so BPEL came into being to integrate and manage a particular company’s various business processes.

BPEL’s capabilities may be similar to proprietary EAI (enterprise application integration) and static BPM or Business Process Management tools, but these two are more expensive to maintain. BPEL also offers better applications interoperability. Through BPEL companies will be able to communicate or integrate with supplier and/or vendors outside of the network firewall. With this capability, companies will be able to choose the best processes and the best solutions for their own operational efficiency. BPEL also offers better flexibility in the sense that businesses can update or replace a particular process without any effect on the other parts of the process that is working just fine.

Because of easy system and applications integration, Web Services became a popular technology. And with Business Process Execution Language (BPEL), integration of business processes and applications became easy and possible.

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