What is BPA?

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What is BPA?
BPA, the abbreviated name for Bisphenol A, is an industrial chemical used to produce epoxy resins and polycarbonate plastics. The primary use of BPA is for the manufacturing of polycarbonate plastics that most companies use to enclose consumable goods. Examples of these type of goods include plastic containers like baby bottles, beverage bottles, and water bottles. Food storage containers, safety equipment and medical equipment are among the other polycarbonate plastics made with BPA.

Epoxy resin, another key use for BPA, is used as an adhesive chemical mixed with the raw materials of a certain good in its production process. It is also used to seal metals, which proves its importance in the electronic commerce for it is used in the production of generators and transformers. The epoxy lacquer is used on water supply pipes, dental sealants, bottle tops and to seal the inside of food cans.

Over the last few years, concern regarding BPA exposure risks has grown. Some research studies claim that this chemical produces several negative side effects on the human body. It has been found that exposure to BPA and the weight of the body has a direct proportional relationship. The more a person is exposed to BPA, the higher is the chances of that person becoming obese.

BPA is also alleged to cause cancer. Consistent contact with this substance is believed to be increasing the risk of a woman to acquire breast cancer. It also inhibited negative effects on the reproductive organ. Metal manufacturing company workers have reported of having an erectile dysfunction and observed their desire for sexual activities has dropped.

BPA imposes many risks in our environment like the reduced reproduction rate of animals. Several governments have formulated and enacted laws to protect the environment and its inhabitants from the adverse effects of BPA.

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