What is Bowling?

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What is Bowling?
Bowling is a sport which has been played from ancient times. The game of bowling was first played in Germany using a bowling ball. As all other games the sport of bowling has also changed over the years. It is usually played on wooden or synthetic surfaces. Among players the popular form of bowling is ten pin bowling, the other ones being nine pin, five pin, candle pin and duckpin. Ten pin bowling makes use of a large ball. The players compete among themselves to get closer to the ball. Asymmetric balls are being rolled over.

Bowling provides good physical exercise as well as entertainment to the players. An active involvement of the muscles and ligaments is required. The bowling balls are available in different sizes and weights. It also offers psychosocial benefits.

The balls used in the game should be carefully handled as they can cause injury to the wrist and back. The ball should be picked up with both hands. Bowling balls have a hole on them as the game requires the fingers to be inserted into the hole. The shoes used by the players are made up of a combination of rubber and a soft material. Gloves enhance the grip. The game of bowling is not restricted to the indoors, it can also be played outside. The outdoor variations of the game are lawn bowls, Bocce, Petanque, Lane bowling, Irish road bowling etc.

Lawn bowls make use of a grass or a synthetic surface. The surface is known as a bowling green and is divided into strips. The rules and regulations of the game vary from country to country. It can be enjoyed by anyone irrespective of age. The attire also differs with region.

Bowling is played in about ninety nine countries all over the world. We can see an increase in popularity of this game which rises day by day.

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