What is bourbon?

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Bourbon is a type of whiskey that is considered an American native product. Whiskeys are created from distillation of fermented grains and stored in wooden barrels.  Grains that may be used for different types of whiskey include malt, rye, wheat, and corn among others. The mixture of ingredients and the distillation process involved will determine the type of whiskey created.  For whiskey to be classified as bourbon its most basic requirement is that at least more than half or 51% of the fermented grain comes from corn mash. This particular requirement provides the sweet taste of bourbon when compared to other types of whiskey.

Bourbons are also considered pure and native American products and it is a requirement that these spirits be made only in the US. The state of Kentucky is considered the largest and most famous producer of bourbon whiskey but other Southern states also have their own versions of this popular whiskey. As much as 95% of bourbon whiskeys are produced in the Kentucky area.  This is why some people believe that all bourbons are from Kentucky when they actually can come from any other state in the US.  Tennessee for example is also an important producer of bourbon in the US.

There are also regulations and requirements in terms of distillation temperature, process, and conditions before a certain spirit can be named as bourbon.  Only oak barrels must be used to store the distilled spirit.  There are no requirements in terms of aging but most bourbon whiskeys are aged at a minimum of two years.  Labelling is required though in terms of how long a bourbon whiskey is aged.  No additional spirits or flavoring should also be added to the mixture that will become bourbon whiskey.  These regulations are in accordance with the standards imposed by Federal Standards of Identity for Distilled Spirits.

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