What is Bosley Hair Restoration?

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What is Bosley Hair Restoration?
Hair loss is a growing problem for most men and women around the world. Baldness can be experienced even at a younger age by both men and women. Some people experience hair loss due to genetics. Generally, there are more men who suffer from baldness than women. There have been several treatments being advertised to counter hair loss. The most common is the non-surgical treatment for hair loss.

For people who have a mild case of hair loss, Propecia and Rogaine are effective. On the other hand, such treatments are not as effective to those who have severe balding or hair loss problem. To remedy severe baldness, hair restoration or hair transplant surgery may address the problem. Deciding to go on hair restoration surgery must not be taken without due consideration. Undergoing thorough research about the surgery and as well as professionals or qualified surgeons must be done.

Every hair transplant, when done correctly will result in successful restoration of hair in bald areas. Successful hair transplant may not be detected even by experienced hair stylists. One of the most successful and trustworthy hair transplant procedures is the Bosley hair restoration. The problem in hair loss is getting bigger. For this reason, a large number of businesses offering hair restoration surgeries are being developed.

Bosley is a reputable business offering hair restoration surgery. Moreover, the business is considered to be the leader in hair procedures. The first question that most people commonly ask about hair restoration is the cost. When people visit Bosley’s website, they will not see any price indicated. The reason for this is each patient is unique and has different hair restoration needs. Therefore, cost for each patient varies. Flat cost is not applicable for all patients due to a number of factors.

What determines the cost of each procedure? First of all the amount of hair loss must be determined. Hair color, texture, curl, and amount of hair loss are some of the qualities that need to be determined to estimate the cost of a procedure. The good thing about Bosley is that they offer financing for people who have no available cash. Credit cards can be used to pay for a procedure. Estimating the cost would reach more than a thousand dollars, though financing may cost anywhere between $50 and $300 a month.

From the accounts of those who have undergone hair transplant with Bosley, all they can say is all about satisfaction. The procedure involves grafting hair follicles from other areas of the head where hair grows. Donor areas are typically the sides and the back of the head. Hair grafts are transplanted to areas where hair is thinning. Physicians at Bosley are highly trained and at the same time artistic in the performance of the procedure. The result is natural-looking hair and nearly unnoticeable that the hair undergone surgery. Even experienced hair stylists would not notice the surgery. Bosley offers the hair restoration procedures for both men and women. Bosley understands the needs of clients especially when it comes to medical financing. Since hair transplant is not covered by traditional health insurance, Bosley made arrangements with Cosmetic Fee Plan, to provide assistance with regards to financial arrangements of patients.

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